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breWe recently corresponded with Martin Watson, Development Director at BRE, who sent me some background information about BRE that we would like to share with you. The BRE Group consists of a group of companies (BRE Global. Training & Ventures), wholly owned by the BRE Trust. The Trust is a charitable organisation that represent interests across the building industry and the built environment. Under the heading of Innovation, we provided additional information under BRE Ventures, as Innovation is much debated and needed in our industry.


Specialists in fire, security, sustainability and electronic testing, accredited and notified for a range of schemes, regulations and directives under its internationally renowned LPCB, BREEAM and BRE Global brands. Listings of approved products and services can be found on


As a leading and high-quality training provider and assessment centre for programmes leading to national vocational qualifications, with CPD and other courses that focus on energy, sustainability, fire regulation/ legislation, security, innovation, health and safety, intelligent buildings, specification and


BRE Ventures uses the group’s expertise to take to the market new ideas that need development, testing or certification and to generate income for investors and those involved in the commercialisation

The Innovation Den is an open innovation and IP trading environment for all ideas related to the Building Industry, but also relevant to other areas that may directly, or indirectly impact on the built environment (transportation, aviation, computing, communications, power generation, energy and waste reduction and many others).

The purpose of the Innovation Den is to bring together, in a structured, safe and supportive environment, innovators and end markets to create value from new ideas and to improve the UK’s built environment for the benefit of all. The den is just one part of BRE Ventures initiatives that are highly focused on the most difficult part of innovation; “successful commercialisation”.

The Innovation Den is underpinned by BRE’s independence and impartiality and leverages BRE’s networks, contacts and technical understanding developed over 80 years of research and development to generate a value chain for all stakeholders. The Den brings appropriate IP (intellectual property) advisors, technical due diligence and corporate and financial support if required.

The BRE say whilst they can’t guarantee that your invention will be successful, they believe that the range and reputation of the commercial partners that will be browsing and searching through the ideas will give innovators the very best chance of success available.

You can register as an Inventor regardless of whether you are an individual or a company.

Once you have logged your invention under your profile the basic details of your invention will appear on the corporate members page where they can be browsed both by BRE, the Innovation Den Supporters and by our Corporate members.

If you have an idea for which you have not yet obtained patent protection, the Innovation Den offers a confidential postal submission service as an alternative to submitting your idea online. Using this service, your invention will be reviewed in confidence by the Innovation Den who will then attempt to match your invention with the known needs of its commercial partners.

Once a potential match has been identified the BRE will contact you to discuss an initial meeting (under terms of confidence) with the interested party to discover whether an opportunity exists for collaboration.

If you are a company that is looking for new ideas or solutions to your problems then the Innovation Den might be an ideal place to visit?

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