Multidisciplinary Design Coordination

rubicHave you ever tried to complete the Rubik’s cube? A number of approaches work, but it cannot be done one side at a time. Beginners often try to complete one or two sides to start with, but then soon realise, you have to undo your handy work and start again.

A holistic approach to the three dimensional puzzle is required. All the side of the cube, need to work together in tandem for the puzzle to be solved.

The design process works in a similar way; inputs from various disciplines and specialists need to be integrated in tandem throughout the design process, at key stages. Completing one side of the Rubik’s cube is like one specialist racing ahead without collaborating with others; their input will inevitably need to be undone and reassembled with everyone else.

The design process follows a similar process. All the various specialists need to work together in tandem to enable projects to be coordinated.

This is true in design, but equally true in innovation, business and any other field where collaboration is required.

Erno Rubik said “We turn the Cube and it twists us”.

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